Business Support Services

Accounting, Payroll & Tax Support

How can we help?

We give Not-for-profits an accounting, payroll, tax and online marketing & design team of their own that assists in all area of expertise at a price point well below traditional options.

We can help Not-for-Profits:

  • Prepare and maintain financial accounts by handling full cycle AP and AR transactions
  • Meticulously manage books
  • Actively review and categorize transactions
  • Perform month and year end reconciliations
  • Publish real time dashboard and monthly reporting packages
  • Prepare payroll and supporting filings
  • Handle tax preparation and filings

Attolero – Support Services for Sustained Growth

  • Historical

    Historical Review

    Behind on your record keeping? No worries, we can cleanup for you. If you are behind let us help out. Let us get you caught up and never get behind again.

  • Monthly

    Monthly Reporting

    Staying informed regarding the status of donations, balances and bills.

  • Bookkeeping


    Know where you are and never fall behind again. We review and record your day-to-day transactions so you’re organized and ready for tax season. We categorize bank and credit card transactions, reconcile accounts, and deliver financial statements on a regular schedule.

  • Automated
    Bill Pay

    Automated Bill Pay

    Better control cash flow with automated bill pay. Automated bill pay helps you stay in control of what is being paid and when without worries of late fees.

  • Payroll


    Get the expertise you need to avoid errors and penalties. The biggest headache of all businesses is processing payroll. Let us deal with the administration and getting everyone better organized.

  • Tax

    Tax Reporting

    Make sure all your tax reporting is completed accurately and on time. We provide preparation and filing support at the federal, state and local levels.

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